Somatics in Psychotherapy Supervision / Dipping Beneath the Surface of Awareness – One Day, New Date TBA


As therapists, when we sit with our clients we are collecting information with our minds and our bodies about how this person feels, holds themselves and operates in the world.  Some of this information we can consciously access, but much of it we receive and store in our bodies.

A 1- day workshop

Meets the six CEU requirements for supervisor training for LCSW’s and MFT’s. ( PCE# 937 )

This course provides Supervisors with techniques and practices for helping interns and trainees access the nonconscious information that they hold in their bodies about their clients and themselves.  These practices include the use of non-verbal communication, role-play, psychodrama and other somatic exercises.

 $150 if registered by June 1st / $170 after June 1st

For Grievances contact Kitty Chelton at 707-823-8203 and a form will be provided asking what the complaint is and what your desired resolution would be. Kitty will discuss the complaint by phone or in person whichever is preferred until a resolution is reached.


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Send payment to: Kitty Chelton MFT       7765 Healdsburg Ave, Suite-12, Sebastopol, CA 95472


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