“Somatics in Couple’s Therapy” For Therapists and Therapists in training, Sebastopol, CA. 2020 Date TBA

SEBASTOPOL – 2018                 11725 Bodega Hwy. Sebastopol, CA.

Friday 9 – 5:00 and Sat.  9 – 3:00

In our work with couples we use somatic practices to bring to life the developmental issues that need attention.  By doing so we enhance our ability to work with defensive dynamics in vivo highlighting where the injuries occur and creating the possibility of a corrective experience. In this workshop, we will explore the use of body-based interactions that engage the senses: touch, voice tone, eye contact, proximity, movement and visual acuity.  These processes allow partners to see and understand each other in new ways making it possible to respond more effectively to each other’s regulatory needs.  This leads to a more secure attachment which fosters intimacy and a sense of safety within the relationship.

Early registration $245 by January 15 / Late registration $265 after January 15

Upon completion, attendees will be able to: 

  • Describe the 3 different types of regulation required for people to have functional relationships. 
  • Recognize which regulation types are being overly depended on by partners in a couple and which types need to be taught. 
  • Identify which attachment styles the partners of a couple have, based on the 3 common attachment styles referred to in Stan Tatkin PsyD’s PACT couple’s therapy.
  • Teach clients what their partners need for co-regulation based on their attachment style and why.
  • Teach partners somatic ways to Self-regulate so that they can stay present in relationship. 
  • Facilitate co-regulation between partners in session and beyond using Body-based interventions. 
  • Enhance bonding and secure attachment while in the therapy session and beyond
  • Unravel and work the Body Knot (a technique developed by Bodynamics Analysis)


In the past few years the field of psychology has been placing more and more attention on the issues created by neurobiological and attachment deficits. These types of problems become even more blaringly obvious when working with couples.

Many couples are similar developmentally; however they often have dramatically different coping styles due to their individual attachment issues. These differences can cause a great deal of emotional upset and dys-regulation within the relationship.  The struggle to understand their partner, leads to misinterpretations and an inability to soothe or co-regulate each other. It is at these activated times that we attempt to intervene somatically. We often act as coaches, helping the couple bring the issue up in the room and then we attempt to make repairs in present time. We do this by bringing attention to their bodies, helping them understand their own and their partner’s particular needs and attachment styles and by experientially exploring new ways of responding to their partner’s regulatory needs.

In recent years psychobiological studies have revealed that touch, soothing voice tone, eye gazing and a secure bond can increase a person’s ability to manage strong emotions and activated states. We are now learning why the somatic practices that we have been using for a number of years actually help to modulate activation of the nervous system and settle people in such a way that they can move out of their “flight or fight” reactions and into a softer, more vulnerable way of relating. These kinds of interactions can be taught to couples so that they can better co-regulate and create a more secure bond.

To register: click button below, fill out form specifying this workshop and send payment to Kitty Chelton 7765 Healdsburg Ave. #12, Sebastopol CA 95472

Certificates awarded in person at the completion of the workshop. Kitty Chelton (PCE#021263) is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to sponsor continuing education units for MFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs &/or LEPs. Kitty maintains responsibility for this program/course and its content.

Full Refunds with 20 day notice, full refund minus 20% with 10-19 days notice, full refund minus 30% with 10 days to the day prior to workshop notice. No refund with day of the workshop cancelation.

For questions, disability requirements or other issues please call Kitty 707-823-8203 or Theresa 707-823-5216.

For Grievances contact Kitty Chelton at 707-823-8203 and a form will be provided asking what the complaint is and what your desired resolution would be. Kitty will discuss the complaint by phone or in person whichever is preferred until a resolution is reached.



  1. Daria Orechwa

    If you are looking for a deeper understanding of attachment styles and somatic-oriented techniques to implement into your work with couples, I highly recommend this workshop. Facilitators were warm, engaging, and highly skilled. Definitely worth the time and money!!

  2. Kitty and Theresa are experienced with a variety of somatic techniques and styles. Their belief in body/ emotion/ mind integration and commitment to body-up processing shows both in their delivery and their mastery of the material. I recommend them for anyone working with couples who wants to integrate a somatic approach.

  3. Kitty and Theresa are incredible teachers, guides, facilitators and therapists. They work in beautiful flow together to ensure that all participants are attended to and all material is covered. They provide an excellent balance of theory, techniques and practice in the training. Their expertise regarding the use of somatics with clients/couples and the value it provides is phenomenal. I have been to many trainings over the years, but the masterful way in which they provide intelligent information, skillful use of role-plays, interactive practice and mindfulness based compassion is rare. I highly recommend this training to any therapist working with couples.

  4. This was written to us from a past participant, Ann Hirsch of Activist Editor
    Kitty and Theresa,
    Thank you so much for your beautiful invitation to befriend my relationships and treat them with the kind of softness and dynamic, full-bodied attention that a good mama gives her young. I am ecstatic to stop treating my partners as children and instead to see them as co-conspirators in the raising of our beautiful relationships. While I have worked with elements of the body knot, I absolutely loved getting the whole thing and getting it out of my head and onto paper to play with in the physical space. I want more! And just in general, I think I finally get what people are up to when they are doing somatic therapy. What a win for me!

  5. Connie Kinnison

    I truly enjoyed myself and found you both comfortable and knowlegeable. I was inspired by how you are so invested in your work and am eager to try some of your “tools” with my own clients. … truly, it was enough for me at this time. A really nice and needed day.

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