Kitty Chelton, MA, LMFT*
License #MFC30322

Kitty has a private practice in somatic psychotherapy in Sebastopol and is a somatic trainer at Lomi Psychotherapy Clinic. She has trained and supervised therapists in body-oriented therapies forĀ 25 years. She leads counter-transference/ consultationĀ groups for interns, licensed therapists and bodyworkers. She supports practitioners in expanding beyond their perceived limitations, empowering them to be more creative and authentic.


Kitty can be reached at: 707 823-8203

Theresa Beldon, MA, LMFT*
License #MFC48103

Theresa is a Certified Bodynamic Analyst, teacher, and trainer. Originally a Reichian bodyworker, teacher, and masseuse, Theresa worked for Creighton Cancer Center and the STEPS Center, which specializes in working with those with HIV and AIDS. Presently she divides her time between private practices in Berkeley and Sebastopol, CA. Theresa has taught Bodynamic psychotherapy in California and Canada and has specialized in working somatically for 25+ years with individuals, groups, and couples in her private practice.

Theresa can be reached at: 707 823-5216

Assistant Trainer

Amy Greenfield MA, LMFT*
License #MFC48174

Amy currently lives in Portland, Oregon where she is building a psychotherapy private practice emphasizing somatic therapy. For over 10 years, Amy lived in Sonoma County providing counseling and psychotherapy in many different settings. Presently, she is committed to honing these skills as a therapist and trainer with Kitty and Theresa several times a year in Sebastopol, CA. Her hope is to eventually be able to bring the inspiring and effective trainings of Body Wisdom Psychotherapy to the Pacific Northwest! Her approach is heart-centered, direct and she deeply values the insight the body offers.

Amy can be reached at (503) 741-5960

LMFT*: Licensed Marriage Family Therapist