+ To be part of a group facilitated by Kitty and Theresa is a gift! I’ve grown more secure in my professional and personal life through participating in their groups. They seamlessly blend the somatic, relational and humanistic ways of working with clients through experiential exercises, direct instruction and personal process. I always leave with new ways to work with clients and often a deeper understanding and acceptance of my own struggles and wounds.

-Tina Kelly, MFT Santa Rosa

+ Kitty and Theresa are incredible teachers, guides, facilitators and therapists. They work in beautiful flow together to ensure that all participants are attended to and all material is covered. They provide an excellent balance of theory, techniques and practice in the training. Their expertise regarding the use of somatics with clients/couples and the value it provides is phenomenal. I have been to many trainings over the years, but the masterful way in which they provide intelligent information, skillful use of role-plays, interactive practice and mindfulness based compassion is rare. I highly recommend this training to any therapist working with couples.

-Traci Ippolito, MFT Santa Rosa and Petaluma

+ Kitty and Teresa bring a rare mix of cognitive and emotional intelligence to psychotherapy, and the transition between our work with clients and our work on ourselves is seamless. Always kind, honest and insightful, Kitty and Theresa gently encourage us to contact the places where energy and emotion are blocked, and bring years of knowledge and practice to facilitate deep releases in the supportive group environment. It is a treat to experience, and I would encourage anyone wanting to deepen their work to take the somatics training…

-Laura Levin, Santa Rosa

+ Thank you so much for your beautiful invitation to befriend my relationships and treat them with the kind of softness and dynamic, full-bodied attention that a good mama gives her young. I am ecstatic to stop treating my partners as children and instead to see them as co-conspirators in the raising of our beautiful relationships. While I have worked with elements of the body knot, I absolutely loved getting the whole thing and getting it out of my head and onto paper to play with in the physical space. I want more! And just in general, I think I finally get what people are up to when they are doing somatic therapy. What a win for me!

-Anna Hirsch, Activist and Editor

+ I learned so much from the trainings! Most importantly for me is the slowing down of the process of emotional awareness in the body. The slowing down gives increased time to become aware of the more subtle aspects of the work as well as increased acceptance of the feelings. This process allows me to be more present with myself and then to be more present with my clients. I feel more authentic. Bringing this kind of awareness to my body enables me to get away from my defense of thinking and go to a deeper place.

-Tricia Coxhead, MFT

+ I have studied and have been in consultation with Kitty and Theresa for over four years. They bring different, but complementary strengths to their workshops and together create a warm and safe environment for learning and developing new skills. Their experiential approach to teaching makes the curriculum very alive and rich, as well as fun. Their Somatic workshops helped me grow professionally and personally. I highly recommend them to any therapist or healing professional who wants to learn how to interact more authentically and effectively with their clients.

-Myra J. Mayesh, MFT

+ In forty years of growth/therapy group participation, Theresa and Kitty are the best facilitators I have had the pleasure of experiencing. They are expert at creating safety with their highly skilled, heart-driven, authentic presences. Their insight and perceptions are exquisite. Theresa and Kitty have individual styles that are complimentary and the delightful interactions between them are infused with love and humor.

-Jan Lisonbee, Ph.D. Psychologist Portland, OR

+ I have grown in profound ways both professionally and personally from Kitty and Theresa’s trainings.  I now have so many concrete somatic tools and exercises to help clients deepen their awareness of their experience. Kitty and Theresa masterfully model how to access the wisdom of the body.  I highly recommend any training with these deep, funny, and competent women. You definitely won’t regret it.

-Amy Greenfield, MFT Portland, OR

+ Kitty and Theresa are experienced with a variety of somatic techniques and styles. Their belief in body/ emotion/ mind integration and commitment to body-up processing shows both in their delivery and their mastery of the material. I recommend them for anyone working with couples who wants to integrate a somatic approach.

-Jim Matto-Shepard, Ph.d. Psychologist Petaluma

+If you are looking for a deeper understanding of attachment styles and somatic-oriented techniques to implement into your work with couples, I highly recommend this workshop. Facilitators were warm, engaging, and highly skilled. Definitely worth the time and money!!

-Daria Orechwa

+ Hi Kitty and Theresa, I’m writing to express my gratitude to each of you for being such wonderful support and teachers during my gestation as a new therapist. Over the past 3-4 months my practice has filled up and I owe a lot of that to you. I’m able to help deeply troubled people in profound ways and a lot of that comes from the ability to be courageous in the sessions and truly meet the client where they need to be met. Both of you have given me a platform to stand on. I appreciate both of you.

Warm regards,
Myron Walters, MFT


+ Kitty and Theresa facilitated our annual weeklong professional retreat with their work, “Somatics in group psychotherapy and group dynamics”. They are both very nurturing and deeply engaging. The personal and professional growth I experienced was very profound.

Our group benefited so much by the experience that we have asked them to facilitate our group seven different years.

Bob Edelstein, LMFT, MFT  2016


Sometimes it is helpful to talk with someone who has taken the training in order to get more of a sense if it is something you would like to do. Below is a list of past participants who are willing to share their experiences:

Tina Kelly MFT

Lucy Beazley lucy.beazley@gmail.com
510 435-6182

Warren Miller MFT

Laurie Lubeck MFT

Myron Walters MFT

Georgia Berry MFT
707 953-8790

Karen Stocksdale MFT
707 217-1333

Cyndy Larsen
707 228-5954