Our Approach

Children develop their first “sense of self” through the experience of their bodies. This emerging “body ego” is developed through touch, sensation, gazing and mutual connection with our caregivers.

Our trainings explore some of the common issues that arise when this mutual connection is broken or injured. These breaks or injuries become the basis for early childhood decisions which result in creative defenses and body posturing that often become outdated as we grow and develop.  Such stances can inhibit our authenticity and affect our ability to feel self-confident and whole.

We introduce body-oriented techniques to intervene and bring resolution and healing to these injuries. These tools assist participants and their clients in moving towards integration and wholeness.

Only to the degree that we are aware of our own bodies and sensations, and feel connected to ourselves, can we connect with others.

One emphasis of our trainings is to assist participants in their own somatic journey. Personal material is explored in group process, and used to demonstrate the techniques and principles we are teaching. In this manner, our students are able to embody the teachings and pass them on to their clients. Didactic information is interwoven with experiential exercises throughout all of our trainings and workshops.

Participants are guided to build a safe and respectful internal container for their experience, to deepen their own self-love and to develop a tangible trust in their own basic goodness and capacity for aliveness..